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When shipments from a third country are imported to a EU state, all kinds of formalities are involved. We provide the correct documentation, supervise physical checks and act as a central point of contact.



As with import, various formalities apply to shipments that are exported from the EU. Think of the preparation of an export document which is necessary when leaving the EU or when crossing non-EU countries

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Transitdocuments are required for the transport of customs goods (moving goods around without customs clearance).
We are ready to provide you with the correct transit documents (T1/T2)


Fiscal (Q1 2022)

Are you a business that is located outside the EU and do you want to import goods into the EU? We can act as a tax representative for you so that you can import goods without having to have an address in the EU.

Lean Customs


Lean Customs advises with obtaining local customs permits,
AEO certificates and customs related questions.


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