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Service agreements for all services

Standard leadtime, urgent orders, our agreements will be documented an evaluated every 6 months.

Payment terms and credit

Payment term and credit are based on credit rating and historical payment performance.
Our payment term is usually between 0 and 14 days.

Additional costs

Our rates are all-in with the following exceptions:

- Charges per additional HS / commodity code
- Surcharge for high value transit documents
- Surcharge for scanned invoices and packinglists

Private person

Due to the extra work involved in supporting a private person, we charge a surcharge of
€50,00 per customs clearance (this is excluding any extra HS codes on an import/export declaration).

How do we calculate the rate for interfacing?

Rates are determined on the basis of the quality of the data supplied, possibilities for transfer and (if still applicable) the intensity of manual interventions.